Lifestyle decision to motor vehicle supplies

Automotive supplies motor vehicle after-market among the 3 plates, happens to be the fastest developing and one of the better prospects for the industry. The info display that By the finish of 2012. In the present day era, the previous commercial principle totally lifestyle subversion, marketplace camp 4C replace the 4P setting, you can view, the customer requirements, cost factors, the buy of convenience as well as the brands and customers interact with conversation has turned into a key factor influencing the enterprise. Business product development, advertising model therefore has the period of client proposition.

Consumers to look for the choice of way of life has become a key point before, whenever we stood in the business perspective, the merchandise are mostly indie of every other today, whenever we stand around the customer’s way of life perspective, they are comprised of items and between items, restrictive relationship between your market and the market and takes its wonderful consumer string.

Consumption string hidden in the form of life, in any other case unrelated items linked together to create a new present consumption chain. For instance, when a consumer bought a sport electricity automobile, it represents some hidden intake demand. To begin with, the motor vehicle requirements of conservation and decor, which gave delivery to the automobile accessories; Second, this means how the demand for outdoor items, such as for example camping and amusement products, and provided birth towards the motor vehicle gifts, like automobile rescue equipment and motor vehicle supplies, that’s, all customer behavior The present will result in consumer, consumer life-style determine the intake chain of motor vehicle supplies.

Escape through the “Crimson Sea” come across “Blue Sea” street automotive products, or modification “presents brand “Present brand or help car products from the” Crimson Sea “to get the road resulting in the”

Blue Sea “According to figures, China?s total product sales of car parts businesses to about 250,000, the creation of car parts businesses are a lot more than 30000. Using the recognition of the auto, the amount of car parts businesses will further boost. Automotive supplies motor vehicle after-market among the three plates, happens to be the fastest developing and one of the better potential customers for the market. The data display that By the finish of 2010, how big is the marketplace for car parts and materials has been near 190 billion Yuan, but still includes a very large marketplace potential for advancement. However, when it’s particularly vital that you show, media, market, organizations, led by car parts the Crimson Sea every year a lot of fresh companies have became a member of plagued their biggest issue began to surface area, and how exactly to quickly build the advertising network channels, quick integration in to the market. Main items: car dvd participant and in car video camera, are with top quality.

According for an automotive provides company official stated that lately, the domestic car sector to flourish, marketplace demand is quite strong, the marketplace in the automobile with accessories and other car industry string of unprecedented prosperity. Homogenization, the purchase price battle flooded but also the sector happens to be facing a predicament, where to find the road resulting in Blue Ocean may be the concern of most after the car marketplace practitioners within this Crimson Sea. The individual in control, are taking part in the Present Good in Shenzhen, motor vehicle supplies to combat the traditional feeling of the present brand, can be to stimulate brand-new distribution stations through the exhibition system to broaden the coverage from the terminal marketplace, the forming of a fresh distribution methods.