The way you drive has a significant impact on the longevity of your car. Take a look at common habits that can cause costly repairs and replacements of auto parts. – Brought to you by PartsAvatar Canada auto parts.

It doesn’t matter if a driver is a newbie or well experienced, sometimes his or her bad habits may cause unnecessary early wear and tear of their car. Left unchecked, these can lead to costly auto replacements and repair services!

But you can avoid or be aware of driving habits that are causing your car to damage unnecessarily.

Carrying extra weight in the car

You should clear out unneeded cargo from your car. Every pound of weight hugely impacts fuel economy. It also puts extra stress on drive train, car’s suspension and car brake components.

So make a fair list of essential things that you need to keep in the car. Otherwise just clear the extra things! Sometimes, some stuff is adapted to the season so, you can carefully select items according to the weather conditions you are living in!

For instance, for extreme winter weather you will need many things to deal with it. If you are going on a long trip, you will need extra tire.

Slamming on brake or gas pedal

First thing- maintain a standard driving speed on the road. Speed kills we know that. If you are driving too fast and suddenly you have to apply brakes because the distance between you and the upcoming car is way too small, it will not only get you in a fatal accident but you will also be damaging your car’s brake and disc components.

Also, it takes a lot of gas to start a car after it was suddenly stopped. The more you drive faster, the more your car is eating the fuel! So what would you prefer- speed or gas? Also, the more frequent you try to stop, the more brake rotor will wear out. Take it easy on car brakes. Gently press them and save your car brakes from premature wear and tear.

Driving with low fuel

We often do this! Sometimes we drive with average gallon of fuel in our car’s fuel tank. Mind you- you are just adding extra repair bill! Modern fuel pumps are cooled by being submerged in the fuel. So driving with low amount of gas can prematurely damage your car’s fuel pump.

Also, in empty fuel pump, dust, dirt and grime saturates at the bottom and attacks the fuel pump and fuel filter. Fuel acts as a coolant as already been mentioned above. So running on low level of fuel will definitely lead to costlier replacements.

If you are experiencing low car performance and are driving with low fuel, then you just know what you have done! Debris trapped in engine or clogged fuel filter are enough for your car’s mpg to degrade. Gas prices are economical as compared to engine and fuel components replacement!

Revving the engine when it’s cold

Revving the car when it’s cold outside causes abrupt temperature changes and can drastically impact the engine components. Let the engine warm up first as it will perform better by doing so. When you start the engine, the oil pump takes some time to circulate oil in the whole system.

Better let the engine idle for a minute or two before a cold start. It will also save the engine components from wear and tear because they haven’t been properly lubricated. Car engine component’s repair and replacement is one of the expensive repairs of car! These simple yet effective habits can save you a lot of dollars, so the choice is all yours!

Not using Handbrake

If you are not using handbrakes or you simply leave it in park mode rather engaging the handbrake, it’s certainly going to cost you in future. Doing so sole pressure on the pawl that engages ring attached to transmission output shaft and will lead to ultimate damage!

Make sure next time you engage handbrakes!

Ignoring warning signs

Are you hearing weird noises coming from your car? Are you ignoring them? Or you can’t decipher what your car is warning you about?

Well, if this is the case, then you need to seriously consider these warning sounds. They might be telling you about the damage that you can’t visibly notice. Hearing the noise can diagnose what’s wrong with car.

For instance if you hear grinding noise from car’s engine, there is definitely some issue going on with engine’s components. So, without any delay, visit your mechanic and get your car delayed whenever you hear something weird.

Riding the clutch

If you are driving a car with manual transmission and you are waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. You are ready to drop the clutch as soon as the light turns green. All that time of waiting gravely impacts the pressure plate, release arm and release bearing of car’s clutch.

It’s better to press the clutch and engage the gear when light turns green to avoid sudden failure.

Ignoring parking brakes

Are you also one of those folks who don’t engage their car in parking brake mode when parking it? Ignoring parking brakes puts entire weight of your car on parking pawl. Parking pawl is just a thin metal inside the transmission. Now you can get slight clue of what you are doing!

Always use parking brakes, unless you love to pay extra repair costs.

Resting your hand on gearstick

Though, it may sound conflicting as some experienced drivers say its good to keep one hand on gear stick and the other on the steering wheel, but by doing this you are just putting extra pressure on your car’s transmission bushings unknowingly.

Also resting hand on the gear stick will eventually damage the gear box. Leaving your hand resting with a certain amount of pressure will make forks rub against rotating collar that will cause premature wear.

Ignoring regular maintenance and oil changes

Keeping your vehicle maintained regularly will save you a lot of cash. Some drivers are so ignorant that they don’t even know when was the last time they changed their car’s oil or other fluid.

Dirty or burnt oil will eventually damage your car’s engine. Also check oil filter while checking oil levels. Clogged oil filters are no less than a disaster.

Don’t know when to change oil? Well, you can find this information in your car’s manual. Experts advise to change oil every 5000 miles. New oil is definitely needed for optimum performance of your car’s engine! So get yours changed today if you haven’t.

You are definitely wasting your hard earned cash on useless and unnecessary repairs if they were caused due to these bad habits of yours. Fix them!

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