None of us like paying a mechanics prices for repairs, however it is often an essential part of owning a car that you need to factor in, and for major work it’s always safer to use a professional. But what about smaller jobs, say you need to replace a bumper bar, or you realise one of the coils that produce spark is giving an error code, often these are very minor jobs you can do yourself with the correct advice and some second hand parts from the wreckers, or new parts from your local auto store.

These minor repairs can be done by most people with some experience on the tools, if you are good with a spanner and shifter, then you just need to get the information on how to do the repair. While aftermarket manuals are usually good and can be bought in auto shops, nothing beats the original workshop manual by the car manufacturer themselves.There are a few websites online offering free to download manuals, but a lot of these websites are not legitimate and will often lead you in the wrong direction. The most trusted website I have found online is one called www, They are a very well established website that has been around since 2008, who gives away workshop manuals for free to people who visit the site, with no hidden catches. The best part about this website is that they have the original manuals your local dealership would have used when your car is new to make repairs and maintenance.

Factory service manuals from the manufacturer literally cover everything, from small repairs such as replacing a bumper bar or headlight, all the way to pulling the entire engine apart and rebuilding from scratch. Everything you can ever need is contained in these workshop manuals.

For electrical systems the factory service manual also covers these topics, from explaining each individual electrical component, to wiring diagrams and details on troubleshooting and diagnosing problems via the cars electronic control unit (ECU).

The website offers workshop manuals for over 30 vehicle makes (manufacturers) so there is a very high probability you can find the original workshop manual for your car, if not you can always contact them directly via the contact page and request a manual, they can then try to track this down for you.

The website has been online for over 10 years, and continues today to provide a great resource for the worldwide car community when it comes time to fix their car themselves.