Classic Pick-up Truck – A Brief History

Let’s begin with the introduction of the Ford during World War 1. The pick-up truck started with the American culture and dates back to the era of 1920. This was when Henry Ford noticed how a pick-up truck was being used by the military. He originally designed a pickup truck for the civilians and mixing a special vehicle of Model T. Since then people found this a very helpful and a source of enjoyment for drives. Presently the models range from being functional to luxurious models. These include lavish interiors of leather and up-to-date navigation techniques.
Chevy Trucks

The Chevy trucks came before the Ford trucks as Chevrolet designed these pickup trucks in 1918. The well-known Model 490 of Chevy started to go one-on-one with Ford’s model. Chevy priced their model at 490 dollars and offered only the frame. The buyers would have to purchase the body, bed and cab for the frame and complete their vehicle. During this time, the frames were made of wood and the other parts would be purchased from other companies.
Model T Runabout

This was an original Ford Model and came with a bed that was 56 inches in length and 40 inches in width. Furthermore, it included a 40 horsepower engine that had 4 cylinders and they sold almost 34,000 vehicles of this model. All this in the first year itself and I’m the later years the demand kept rising and Ford kept supplying. This became a standard in the automotive industry.
What followed next was that these pickup trucks kept gaining more and more power and they were designed more efficiently. The beds were now longer and more comfortable for people to enjoy their rides. They came with elements that made these trucks usable in farms, military and different industrial purposes like field jobs and constructions. Here onwards it was seen that a fuel efficient truck was required which needed some design and elementary changes. .
With time the designs kept on evolving and the pickup trucks had features with more space to fit in more number of people and even families. These vehicles were known as extended cabs and also had a maximum of 4 doors instead of the usual 2.
Luxury Trim

These were the modern pickup trucks that dominate the market even today. They are sporty and sturdy with strong grilles, stylized body and include features every driver dreams of. They have an entertainment system, consoles that are touchscreen to give the driver the best of everything.


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