How to prepare the car for the winter months?

Winter can be harsh for your car and this is the reason why one should never miss planning well in advance about it. As soon as the temperatures start dropping time to get the car ready for the season. With the right maintenance, preparation and various tools can protect your car in such conditions.
Regular maintenance: Always have a check on fluids and get them changed when your car complete 60,000 miles. Also get the coolant, brakes, transmission fluid get checked. See to it that the car lights are working well to ensure better visibility while driving at night. When the windshield wipers are six months older make sure to get them replaced.
Check the tires: Get your tires checked by rotation or get them inspected. Make sure to replace the ones which are too worn out and drive on dry rotted tires when the weather is wet or cold. You can also opt for the snow tires based on your location and the amount of snow around. Always check whether your spare car has enough amount of air in it or not.
Protect interiors: Weather can also have a great impact over the car interiors. If you move in and out too often then opt for the all-weather floor mats as they are very easy to clean and keep your car clean and neat. Cleaning the windows will prevent steamy glass and better visibility.
Maintaining coolant system: Do not forget to get the car’s coolant system checked regularly. When there are extreme temperatures it can definitely damage the system. Also look for the working of water pumps. Replacing the engine coolant for a cheaper insurance coverage can definitely be a great way to prevent any kind of antifreeze that can produce weak electrical current.
Stock the car: When the temperatures are less than zero it can definitely be very dangerous. To prevent any kind of discomfort conditions, make sure you have arranged for chains, first aid kit, blanket, water gloves, ice scraper, bag of sand, small knife, flares, flashlight, jumper cables, waterproof matches etc.
With just a little preparation one can maintain their car in better conditions so that it can run for a longer period of time, even during the extreme winter conditions. Right and proper tools will also keep you safe while maintaining your car well in any conditions.


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