Lexus had made the first EV battery powered UX Crossover for Europe and China

Lexus which is the Toyotas premium brand had unveiled EV in Southern China at Guangzhou auto show that took place on Friday as a step for electrifying all the Lexus line ups by the year 2025. It is noted that their brand will be developing dedicated platform for EVs in the beginning of the 2020s. He had also said that all the name plates will be having the electrified offering by the year 2025.
One of the top premium brands of Japan also dubs the Lexus electrified strategy. With EV it can definitely raise the sales of Lexus in China where the brand is the 5th largest luxury car that was selling well last year after Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW and the Cadillac. Though it has been observed that there was a fall in demand for cars in China, Lexus this year they had booked the double-digit sales growth in the country. When the numbers of deliveries were considered for the first 10 months, it started with 22% of advanced deliveries to 160,914 vehicles.
Lexus had also said in a release that the all electric UX 300 has been developed only to deliver the excellent on road performance of the car. The engineers behind Lexus kept utility characteristics and distinctive design of UX crossover intact while they kept their focus completely over developing and building the opportunities of raising the unique performance advantages to EVs. The UX 300e comes with a high output motor that provides natural and brisk acceleration. This fully electric UX crossover comes with 150 KW motor that has been mounted in front to produce about 300 Nm of maximum torque along with the 54.3 Wh lithium ion battery.
It also comes with a paddle shifter which gives the engine a brake feels whenever the drivers go for different levels of the battery regeneration during decelerating. It also has a low centre of gravity which is good for handling as the motor is positioned low and with the battery floorboard placement. With the better insulation levels, the electric UX comes with quietest cabins among the range of cars in its class. It has better aerodynamics with under body cover and the wind shedding wheel covers. Lexus said that UX 300e also provides excellent dynamic performance. As the driver pushes the pedal, they can definitely feel the power of the acceleration and its instant torque.


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