Most Important Car Parts – The Basics That You Must Know

It is pivotal that to get your car fixed, you should take it to a service center. However, it helps if you know about the parts and their maintenance. It is not a very tough thing to know which part goes where in your vehicle. A basic understanding gives you an edge when you need to talk at the service center. It also feels good when you know about your vehicle in details and how to maintain it in the best of conditions.
• Battery
The most important part of your vehicle is the battery as, in the first place, it allows your car to turn on. Generally it is located under the hood of the vehicle and you will recognise it with the positive and negative symbols. In case you have to jumpstart the car, simply connect the jumper cable’s red clamp to the positive sign and the black one to the negative.
• Axle
Axle is the next important basic part of your car and it enables to transfer the power of the engine to the wheels of your vehicle. When you want to move, use the brake and turn, the axle is the most important thing. How to tell if the axle is in bad condition? Just listen and observe the sound your cars make. If the sound is loud and clunky and there is vibration while you use the brake, know your axle is not in good health.
• Brake
The brake consists of a brake pedal, rotor, pad, caliper and light switch. These parts are located either in the rear or front of your vehicle, behind the wheel. Since the pads are also located behind the wheel, they begin to wear out with time. If they are not in a proper condition, they tend to make a loud and screeching noise when you brake.
The rotor sits alongside the pad and caliper and every time you brake, it gets exposed to a huge amount of heat. If the rotors start falling apart, the brake will be impaired. Hence always watch out for the rotor and get it replaced on time to stay safe.
• Radiator
The radiator too, is located below the hood of the car, near the engine. This is because its job is to keep the engine cool. The engine needs to be prevented from overheating and the radiator is a fundamental part of the car. Ample amount of engine coolant has to be kept in the radiator so that the engine stays cool and does not overheat.